| Russel Poon Wei Quan | DIT/1A22 |

My Closest Friends

At the Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens

Known these bunch since Secondary 1 and ever since my friend migrated to Canada after secondary 2, we have not seen him for more than a year. Finally, he had to return to Singapore to renew his Identification Card, thus giving us the opportunity to meet again. He only had a week or two before departing and we had to make the most out of the time he's spending here.

After 'O' Levels

Cycling at Coney Island
Coney Island Cycling

The months of studying were finally over. With 'O' levels coming to an end, we decided to go cycling at Coney Island. It was definitely hard to get 7 of us to come out together since most of us are either going overseas or preparing to start work. With 4 months of holiday, we had plenty of time to rest until polytechnic started. Well, for some of my friends, they decided to go for the JC option. Looking back, choosing polytechnic was definitely the right choice for me as there are such long breaks in between terms and there's sufficient time to do assignments and work. Comparing it to JC, almost 11 months of continuous studying seems like torture to me.

Happy Birthday

Celebrating Friend's Birthday
At Friend's Birthday Party

It was quite an elaborate birthday celebration with a pokemon-themed celebration as well as flower pots for a birthday cake. The entire cafe was booked as well to allow us to celebrate his birthday. It was a fun experience and I look forward to the next time we meet again.