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-About Me-


Hello everyone! I am Russel & this is a personal website that I have created. I would like to dedicate this website to the people that have played a significant role in my life and the content here will mainly be about the great memories I have created with them. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day 😁.

More About Myself

1A22 Class Picture
My Polytechnic Class 1A/22

I'm currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic and I'm a year one student pursuing a diploma in Information and Technology. This picture was taken during the Bonding Day for DIT students which was organised by our seniors to allow us as classmates to break the ice and become closer to one another. Although it was meant to be a bonding day, we surprisingly didn't do as many bonding activities as we should've and most of the time we had spent was on waiting; waiting for the seniors to prepare the activities designed for us. I wouldn't say that the bonding day wasn't successful, but it certainly didn't make me closer to my classmates. Around 4 - 5 months have past since this picture was taken and although my experience in poly hasn't been as fulfilling as my secondary school journey, I do believe that we would create some unforgettable memories together in the days to come.